Evaluation of the operational costs for chain saw cutting


  • Fabrice Dagrain Stone Assistance sprl, 4317 Viemme, Belgium




Chain saw, tools, optimization, efficiency, operational cost, profitability


Chain saw cutting technology has been widely described by the author those last years in several
scientific and technical articles. The main problems encountered on chain saw machines have
been described. Several experimental approaches have been developed in laboratory to better
understand the stone cutting mechanisms and to improve the efficiency of the machines. New
cutting designs have been developed increasing the performances of the machines. Monitoring
systems have been introduced on the machines to follow their performances while operating in
quarries. Even if the technology is well described, very few information can be found on the costs
of the technique.
This paper overcomes this lack of information and introduces a rigorous methodology to estimate
the real costs of the sawing operations with chain saw machines. The technological parameters
introduced and described in the literature have been implemented in a cost evaluation program
developed by Stone Assistance, in order to evaluate their influence on the chain saw operational
costs. The objective of the paper is to present some interesting results that should be considered
by the engineers or operators working with chain saw machines, and that could help them to
manage the operations with chain saw machines in quarries.




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Dagrain, F. (2015). Evaluation of the operational costs for chain saw cutting. International Conference on Stone and Concrete Machining (ICSCM), 3, 158–167. https://doi.org/10.13154/icscm.3.2015.158-167



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